A Decade of Heartache and Triumph – A Personal Glimpse

The past 10 years of my life has been one of painful, and yet necessary growth. I am amazed at the difference between who I was in 2009, and who I worked to become by the end of 2019. This year itself was beyond difficult, but I felt a shift, along with a sense of relief at the end of a decade of both heartache and triumph

To say that I didn’t finish many of my goals this past year is an understatement, and that’s okay, but here’s a list of just some of the things that I did do.

A Look At 2019:

  • Took on a second, full-time job for 4 months ( I already have one full-time job that doesn’t include writing).
  • Opened my house to another teenage boy adding the number of children to three (17, 17, and 15).
  • Sold my home of 9 years.
  • Purchased a major fixer upper that we are renovating ourselves and that is STILL under construction.
  • Hired and fired an voice narrator for my book, Of Blood and Deceit.
  • Began training for voice acting so I can narrate my own books.
  • Struggled through some MAJOR writer’s block for my second book of the Blood Descent Series, Cursed by Blood.
  • And on an incredibly private note, dealt with a very painful situations with my previous marriage which demanded some major damage control.

To be honest, that is all I can think of at this time, but I’m sure the list would be longer if I had the mental fortitude to keep going (which I don’t). Still, through the ups and downs of this past year, I have been tremendously blessed and am extremely hopeful for this new year.

Moving On…

My post today is an odd one, and something i have only shared with a few close friends and family, but I share it with you for a reason.

In August of 2009, I wrote a poem–a form of writing that I passionately dislike–for an English Literature class I was taking just after my divorce. It received much acclamation from my professor who not only told me to enter it into an upcoming poetry contest, but also asked if she could keep a copy of it to show to classes in the future. I hesitantly agreed, then never gave it much thought after that.

So, here you go. As a goodbye to the Rachel Collett from a decade ago, I give you my one and only poem titled, Single Mothers. ***As a word of warning, this poem is mostly clean, but does contains one cuss word.***

Single Mothers, by Rachel A. Collett

A New Decade

Where do all the single mothers go?

To a place most have never heard of and where those

That have been will deny they ever knew it.

It is not a place you can Google, or even find on MapQuest:

It is a land almost nonexistent,

Yet it appears to be everywhere at once.

A different realm–if you will–where time appears

To have stopped and space seems as thick as pea soup.

It is a place separate from that land held for the widows

And those left behind by an unfortunate death.

In a way, those are the lucky who can grieve over loss

And allow their cries to sooth their trouble hears.

Here you will find no solace in the cries overheard

As they are mostly the cries of,

“Holy shit! That bastard!

He did this to me!

Rachel A. Collett – 2009

Further Reading

Now, as I’ve said, this was the beginning and end of my career as a poet, but I have some fun and engaging fantasy novels. In fact, the first book of the Personal Demons series, Personal Demons is on sale (ebook version only) for .99 cents right now! And of course Of Blood and Deceit is also available for purchase on Amazon. Samples can be read by clicking here and here. Enjoy and don’t forget to review when you’re finished!

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