A Poem Of Heritage: Legacy

Your works echo throughout time

Illuminating the history of this world, now mine

Your legacy of thousands of years feels nearer

As your living memory faces me through the reflection in my mirror

Leading armies, wielding words

Seeking truth, braving new worlds

Blazing trails, raising families

Forging governments, building cities

When I read of your feats throughout the ages,

A question, a desire, inside me rages

Do I possess the means woven in my DNA

To wield such work that gleams, to be like you someday?

Can I reach the masses?

Can I lift our race?

Can I grasp time as it passes?

Do I have the faith?

Do I have the foresight,

To claim my noble birthright?

In quiet moments of peaceful thought

Or music, it’s wonder wrought

I feel you near, your blood in my veins

And your legacy of faith—of greatness—remains

Doubt and fear persist no longer

For I know I am your daughter

This heart could not beat brighter

Though these hands could yet be stronger

Yet on God’s purpose I’ll train my might

On His errand, I’ll stay my flight

And when we meet in the eternities

We’ll be together—a forever family.

Jill Burgoyne