An Author’s Tribute to Memorial Day

For most, Memorial Day is celebrated by taking extra time off for the weekend. Maybe you’ll do a little swimming, or invite friends and family over for some fun. Perhaps all you’ll want to do is enjoy just a little more R&R before you dive into work on Tuesday. This is not the case for others.

Having served in the military myself, Memorial Day holds a special place in my heart. There are so many in our great country that mourn for the loss of loved ones–loved ones that died protecting our rights and freedoms that so many take for granted.

Today I reflected on what exactly Memorial Day meant to me even as an author and I realized something important. Everything I write is possible because of those that fight, or have fought to protect us against tyranny and those that would oppress. In so many other places around the world, what I produce–strong female protagonists that defends against evil–wouldn’t even be allowed.

So take a moment of silence to remember our fallen comrades. And authors, write. Write something beautiful, or something hard. Write something thought-provoking, or something just down-right fun. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!

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