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Galatians 6:9; a verse Jennette Green lovesRachel spotlights author Jennette Green, whose clean romance novels delve into distant worlds of strong action and stunning imagination.


Author Jennette Green

Fun Facts from the Source:

When I was a teen, my family sold almost everything we owned and moved from Alaska to California. My parents purchased a sailboat, and we spent 1½ years cruising Mexico, Costa Rica, travelled through the Panama Canal, the Caribbean, and ended up living in Virginia for several years on the boat. This adventure inspired my new release, Castaways. I wrote the original draft of this novella when I was eighteen, and when the experience of living on the sailboat was still fresh in my mind. At the end of this story, I share a little about my personal adventure of what it was like to live and travel on a sailboat.


Favorite Novels:


Life Advice by Jennette:

I try to live by two mottos. The first is to never give up. I know that is trite. However, just like everyone else, I have faced many obstacles in life, and I have felt very tempted to give up on my goals more than once! But if I keep trying and keep going, something good will come out of it. Sometimes something wonderful happens that I never expected would happen in a million years! For example, one of my very first fans loved my book, The Commander’s Desire, so much that she and her friend made a video trailer for it. It was wonderful!! I appreciated it so much, and I will never forget it. I really like the verse that says, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9.

The second motto is to be kind to others. I love this quote by J.M. Barrie, “Always be a little kinder than necessary.” Life it tough for all of us. However, taking small steps to lift the spirits of another, or to do something kind for them can make all of the difference. Sometimes just a smile is what they need most.

Why We Love Her:

Rachel came across The Commander’s Desire five years ago, and although the title was a little scary for her at first, she became an instant fan because of the author’s ability to write a strong female protagonist. And a gentle giant warrior as a love interest? Yes, please. Rachel has since loved everything she’s read from Jennette Green.

More from the Author:

The fourth and final book in my Kaavl Chronicles series will be released at the end of April. This series had been a labour of love—I wrote the first book (Kaavl Conspiracy) a number of years ago. It was meant to be a stand alone novel. However, a character came on the scene then (Mentàll Solboshn) whom I never anticipated. More than any other character I have written, I felt compelled to write his story, and also his and Methusal’s happily ever after. It was not an easy journey for them, which made it all the more fun to write. The first book of the series is free. Check it out here.

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