Author’s Excursion: Kayaking


Like so many, I am often drawn to the water. Others, like Jill, are afraid of it. Kate could take it or leave it. Either way, we decided it was important to discover the joys of kayaking.

Kayaking Woods Canyon
Rachel and friend kayaking at Woods Canyon Lake

The Experience: Kayaking

Kayaking is amazing! Since deciding on this excursion, I have been several times. We have several beautiful lakes to choose from. I prefer to go to a location where only trolling boats are allowed at slow speeds. I have been when the lake up near Heber, Arizona was bustling with people on kayaks, boats, and paddle boards, and I have been when it felt we had the whole lake to ourselves. My favorite spot is Woods Canyon Lake.

Whether going on your own in a single kayak or going tandem with a friend, the experiences is incredibly peaceful. It is also an amazing workout on the arms and core for those that need a little more than peace and tranquility.

I enjoy watching the way the water ripples with each stroke of the paddle and the rushing sound it produces. The mountain trees sail by at a leisurely pace and the birds swipe down for a drink or to try at a fish. I always pay close attention to my muscles and at the strength needed to preform the seemingly simple figure eight movement of the paddling.

Kayaking Woods Canyon
More kayaking at Woods Canyon

Lessons Learned:

  1. Wear appropriate clothing according to the temperature at the Lake as well as the water. I have gone in swimsuits when it was wonderfully warm outside, or completely dressed in jeans and jacket when it was chilly.
  2. Take a towel to cover up your legs. Unless it’s a hot day, the water is cold and every stroke you make will bring frigid droplets to your lap. Brrr.
  3. Get something to protect your phone. Most people like me think they must have their phone with them at all times. Just remember most phone insurance companies don’t cover water damage.
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Just because you’re surrounded by water doesn’t mean you can drink it. That’s just gross. Bring a bottle, and possibly a little ziplock-sealed lunch for when you want to take a break without having to row in.

Kate’s Take

This is one excursion I haven’t been on. My Saturdays are booked through May, but after that I fully intend to adventure out onto one of Arizona’s lovely lakes. Until then, I can only live the experience through others’ eyes. Thanks for the enticing description, Rachel!

Jill’s Take

The last time I went kayaking was in Washington and it was magical. I first went kayaking at a girl’s camp when I was fifteen and fell in love with. As Rachel said, I have a general fear of water, but I love kayaking!

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