Cooking With Characters: Anjeni Sigourna

For this July’s fifth week post, we continue providing our readers with a yummy recipe that reminds us of one of our beloved fictional characters. Today we focus on Anjeni Sigourna from Kate’s upcoming novel, Namesake.

Cooking With Characters, Starring Anjeni Sigourna

“Eighteen and jaded” and cast into a time she has only read in history books, spiteful Anjeni must become the goddess of legends, or die in her shadow. A conflicted character, her spark and strength resemble this spicy dish to a T.

Anjeni Sigourna curry quote from Namesake

When Kate described Anjeni’s emotional reaction to curry, our mouths watered for our own sample. We gathered the supplies from our cupboards, bringing an arrangement of seasonings and a choice of meat. We plundered our local Sprouts for the remaining perishables: a rainbow of bright colors. Red and yellow peppers, green broccoli and orange carrots. Soon, Rachel’s home filled with an alluring aroma of spices, vegetables, and chicken.

And now we know why Anjeni covets this deep and earthy dish. Curry has a mouthwatering flavor. Served over a bowl of steaming rice, every morsel was devoured by friends and family. And the leftovers…? There were no leftovers to enjoy. So, if you desire to test the flavors after a day or two, you will need to double the recipe.

Want the Recipe?

We knew you’d ask.

From the girls of Novel Three, we lovingly provide this tantalizing recipe for your enjoyment. Remember that if you intend this meal to serve more than four individuals, Rachel (who has already made this dish three times this week) suggests doubling the amount.

Chicken Curry recipe inspired by Anjeni Sigourna

Chicken Curry recipe inspired by Anjeni Sigourna, pg 2


If you’re interested in more from Kate Stradling, click here to read previously posted samples. Her novel, Namesake, will release next month! Look for it on Amazon, along with her other works of fiction.