Cooking With Characters: Ava Matthias

In this month’s fifth week post, we came up with a creative and yummy way to have a little more fun than usual: introducing Cooking With Characters! For this first edition we get to spotlight the sweet and spicy Ava Matthias (AKA Sarah Mathis) from Rachel’s Personal Demons series.

Introducing: Cooking with Characters

Cooking w/characters: delicious pork chops and sides

I stared at brown-sugar-sweetened pork-chops, buttered rice, and green beans with hardly the proper enthusiasm for one of Madilyn’s best dinners. Instead, I poked at it with my fork, moving it across my plate. (Rachel A. Collett, Personal Guardians)

Ava may not have been able to display the proper enthusiasm for such a meal, but that wasn’t the case for any of Rachel’s family members, and especially her husband. A heavenly mixture of sweet brown sugar with just a bite of spice will have you begging for more!

Now full disclosure: Ava spends more time on the battlefield than in the kitchen. Although she’s plenty handy with a knife, in the compound where she lives others bear the responsibility of meal prep while she works on, you know, defending mankind from the denizens of evil. So, if you actually wanted to cook with her, you’d probably have to drag her away from an epic fight first, or else lure some demons into the area with hopes that she’d follow.

(Because if she didn’t, you’d forfeit those delectable pork chops, and possibly your life.)

That being said, this recipe’s marriage of sugar and spice suits Ava to a tee. It’s a quick and easy fix after a long day, with plenty of protein to replenish one’s energy and a glaze that hits all the right flavors.

And really, what more could a hungry demon-slayer ask for?

Want the Recipe?

We thought you would.

For your enjoyment, we have provided the recipe for this fantastic dinner. Rachel likes to double the ingredients after discovering that most everyone goes back for seconds (including herself).

Cooking with Characters
Glazed Pork Chops Recipe Card

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