The Lunch Thief: An Excerpt

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The Lunch Thief is my novel about a ten-year-old boy who discovers his lunch is being stolen by a genie. A ten-year-old genie, at that! This excerpt is from the prologue.

Writing Sample: The Lunch Thief

Zam grasped the key and inspected it as he slowly made his way to his seat, tripping only twice. He had truly felt like this day would never come, but here he stood, a permit-one genie, with the key to open a portal to the mortal world.  The calling of graduates continued all the way to Zuzu, Alligan.

Each graduate was given their own key. Zam was excited to have the ceremony over, but Professor Crispens wasn’t quite finished yet. “As you know, the keys which you have been given will open any portal that you choose to the mortal world. Whatever they touch becomes a portal. Choose wisely and guard your key. Now, graduates, you are hereby authorized to use first-degree magic. It comes with a warning. This magic is not permanent magic, but only temporary. Your wishes will not last forever. Good luck!”

Congratulations and cheers sounded throughout the giant Duel Dome. The dome itself changed colors, looking like a flashing, festive snow globe.

Sigfried the fairy, whose cousin Winnie had graduated, saw the figure reach a pale hand into the black robes and pull out a dark contraption with a lens and a light. “It’s a camera!” the fairy yelled, and in an instant every creature possessing any sort of magic responded, having been drilled for such an emergency since preschool.  Several creatures went invisible and those who didn’t know how put up a blinding force field. Parents had equipped their children with enchanted mirrors to wear on necklaces.

Sigfried leaped toward the attacker and tackled the robed figure to the ground. A team of expert fairies examined the camera with gentleness and care until it was determined that it had never been used. The camera was then taken and dashed to bits by Cornelius, the security centaur.

“Gray Falsson, we should have known you would try something.” Cornelius whistled and two ten foot rock giants emerged from the ground. “Fools.” If voices could be slimy, Gray Falsson’s was.

“You think that because you stripped me of my power source, you have defeated me? You will never defeat ME!” And with that, the figure threw a small, green, marble-sized ball to the ground. It exploded like a bright green firecracker.

Thick smoke blinded everyone and when it finally faded, Gray Falsson was nowhere to be found.  An all-kingdom alert went out. For three days every tree knoll, cave, candy hut, and enchanted castle was searched with no results.

Being attacked in such a way with a camera was nothing to be treated lightly. Most people would have run away to hide or maybe changed their identity, but Zam Alaka was not most people. And aside from the fairy guards that were put outside his parents’ lamp, nothing changed for Zam. He sat for hours staring at his orange key, the key to the mortal world. What would he choose for a portal?

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