Of Blood and Deceit | Know Your Characters

Of Blood and Deceit cover by Jenny Zemanek of Seedlings Design

We’re thrilled for this Thursday, March 28, when Rachel’s latest novel, Of Blood and Deceit, drops. (Have you pre-ordered yet?)

Set in the rival kingdoms of Eira and Anolyn, this is the tale of a runaway princess, a magic-wielding prince, and the evil that would conquer both their lands. Join us now for a sneak peek of the characters who inhabit this fantasy adventure.

(Character alignments are Kate’s assessments, haha.)

Characters of Blood and Deceit

Ilianna Drakara

True Neutral. Princess of Eira, teenaged warrior, and the most isolated little cinnamon roll who ever had to pretend to be tough. At seventeen, she has fled her kingdom to avoid being a matrimonial pawn in her abusive uncle’s schemes. Unfortunately for her, she was caught by the crown of Anolyn and has spent the last three months in a prison cell. Dank and fetid though it is, it’s a paradise compared to the nightmare that she escaped.

She’s a True Neutral because she’s trying to survive, but back her into a corner and Chaos will emerge.

Castiel Anouk

Lawful Good. Younger brother to the king, feared magician, and soft heart beneath a steely façade. At twenty, he holds authority over men twice his age, but that’s only to be expected of a prince. Castiel knows the warrior princess of Eira resides in his prison, and he’s been waiting patiently for her to show her true hand. But when patience wears thin, he decides to confront her himself.

Riaan Anouk

Lawful Neutral. King of Anolyn, benevolent ruler, and all-around scheming older brother. Thrust into kingship after his father’s premature death, he’s five years into a prosperous reign. A man of the people, Riaan labors among them and considers their welfare akin to his own. Three months ago he rejected an alliance with Eira, never dreaming that the princess offered him in matrimony would drop into his proverbial lap and upend his royal house.

Johan Drakara

Neutral Evil. King of Eira, ruthless dictator, maybe a bear in fine clothes, idk. He cares for nothing but his own power, and he’ll use whatever means necessary to increase it. His niece is a pawn in a terrible struggle. She may have slipped his grasp, but he’ll get her back. And if she doesn’t live up to the promise of her bloodline, the burn mark on her neck will be but a small token of the punishment yet to come.

Theia, the Wraith Queen

Chaotic Evil. Vengeful sorceress, world-conqueror, malevolent fiend with a thirst for total control. Ejected from the continent during the Demon Wars almost twenty years ago, she was presumed dead. But rumors of her return whisper through the countryside, and a wraith concealed in the very heart of Anolyn swears she will return.

Some Minor Players


Lawful Good. Lady’s maid, loyal Anolynian, takes bruised little cinnamon rolls under her wings and protects them like they’re her own children.

Melia Seraphine

Neutral Good. Captain of the Castle Guard, master fighter, might as easily shank you as shake your hand if you deserve it—even if you’re the king.

Lucan Osrick

Lawful Evil. Assassin of Eira, vindictive thug, determined to return Ilianna to her uncle even if he has to stab her into submission.

Further Reading

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