Shawn King and Sriracha Sauce: Cooking with Characters

Fifth Monday means Cooking with Characters! Our inspiration this time comes from Jill’s current work-in-progress, Catching Wind. We look to the male lead, Shawn King.

Cooking with Characters: Shawn King

Owner of a charismatic smile and a sharp intellect, Shawn serves as the perfect teen heartthrob, swoon-worthy eye candy for the girls of Camp Whitewater. His personality, a mix of sweet and spicy charm, led us to our recipe, Sriracha Lime Chicken.

(Note: Shawn, as an ocean-lover, is more of a fish guy, but we’re pretty sure this recipe would rock with shrimp as its protein. We stuck to the meat we knew best for this go-round.)

The kick in this meal’s flavor comes, as the name implies, from a healthy dose of sriracha, which blends beautifully with honey and lime juice in the sauce.

sriracha lime chicken for Shawn King
See that beautiful sauce?

Seriously. So. Good.

After cooking up some cubed chicken and onion together, we doused it with the sweet-and-spicy sauce ingredients and let the whole of it simmer. The smell was divine.

Green onions, cilantro, and sesame seeds provided a final garnish before serving atop quinoa.

The meal is quick and easy. I was surprised that, even with such little cooking time, the flavors all blended so beautifully together. Just the thought of it makes my mouth water all over again.

Want the Recipe?

sriracha lime chicken and quinoa
Three servings ready for the devouring

Jill found the recipe on Bless Her Heart Y’all, a food blog that showcases gluten-free southern-style cooking. We did not change a thing about it except to salt the chicken while it cooked. It made four lovely servings. However, I could have eaten the whole pot and not felt an ounce of guilt. If you want leftovers (if you’re anything like me, you will), consider doubling.

Also, if you can’t abide spice, this probably isn’t the meal for you. I loved the heat level, but it did result in some tingling lips and runny noses.

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