The Kiss of A Stranger: Book Review

Kiss of a Stranger quote, Sarah M. EdenHey everybody! It’s that time of month where we review another book! I got to read Sarah M. Eden’s novel, The Kiss of A Stranger.

The Book at a Glance:

  • Title: The Kiss of a Stranger
  • Author: Sarah M. Eden
  • POV: 3rd Person Limited (Between Crispin and Catherine)
  • Genre: Regency Romance (no surprise there!)
  • Theme(s): Love, respect
  • Setting: Nineteenth-century England
  • Single Word Descriptor: Playful

The Summary: The Kiss of A Stranger

As society’s most eligible bachelor, Crispin Handle—more impressively known as Lord Cavratt—has more than his fair share of admirers. While trying to deter one of the more persistent variety, he makes a shockingly rash decision and kisses a total stranger. Little does he know this stranger, Catherine, is actually the ward of an insane gentleman who demands the two be married after such a vulgar display of intimacy!

Let the story begin.

My Favorite Part:

I enjoyed the whole book. That being said, there is one scene involving fairy-cakes. It’s a flirtatious and pivotal event in the relationship between Catherine and Crispin, and I felt like I was living it. In my opinion, Eden was able to capture the chemistry perfectly! Also: I now want fairy-cakes.

My Least Favorite Part:

I hated the uncle. With. A. Passion.

Rachel’s Take:

I feel almost silly giving my take because I love Sarah Eden and have read most of her work. I picked up Kiss of a Stranger years ago and her novels were some of the first ones that popped into my head when we first started doing book reviews. If you’re looking for handsome gentlemen, witty leading ladies, and great romances you’ll find it all in her writings.

Kate’s Take:

Parts of this novel absolutely sparkled for me. The dialogue is fun and witty, with plenty of playful banter between Crispin and Catherine. The uncle is deranged, and his motivations are sometimes unhinged from reality. I wanted Crispin to retaliate, particularly when acts of abuse happened right in front of him. However, his calm and gentle nature provides a safe haven for Catherine in a way that a more hot-blooded hero could not.

Based on the merits of this book, I picked up the next one in this series, Friends & Foes. Eden’s sweet, squeaky-clean romance makes for a lovely respite.

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