The Prank King

Do you like pranks? I like pranks. I mean, I like pranks when they don’t happen to me but I like doing them to someone else. Some people are good at them and some people aren’t, but I got to meet the Prank King. It began the same day that Zam and I got our rug-fusion. In case you don’t know, Zam’s my best friend. He’s also a genie.

Now, Zam and I got a rug-fusion from Jack-the-Giant-Killer because we found his missing magic beans. Long story short, the beans had been stolen by Gray Falsson as part of an evil plot to grow the beans and let giants come down and invade earth. Gray also kidnapped Zam and tried to take his powers. Don’t worry though, we stopped him. Gray Falsson was locked in the Magic Realm dungeon and we were free on a Friday night. Well, almost free. I had a ton of homework and was sitting in my room trying to do it so I could have dessert.

“I’m BORED!” Zam whined as he banged his head against my closet door.

“Stop banging, Mom will hear.”

“I think I’m going to DIE!” he groaned. “Have you figured out what you want to wish for yet?”

“Nope,” I said, still trying to do my homework.

“C’mon!  It’s not hard to make wishes,” Zam said.

“I know, but it took a whole week for your evaluations to come back from the last round of wishes and I couldn’t ask you for anything, not even when I needed you to turn the pile of peas into a cupcake or change our car into a jet! I really needed your wishes then. I’m going to wait until I need something and then I’ll make my wish.” Just then, Zam’s lunchbox rumbled. It glowed bright orange and burst open.

Out of the lunchbox leaped a messenger gnome the size of my fist. He was sitting on a lionfly that was as long as my opened hand. Yup, you read it right. A lionfly. When I first met a messenger gnome, I tried to eat him. But that was because I was a cat at the time. Here’s a tip, never get in a fight with a genie. He might turn you into a fluffy white kitten.

So, the messenger gnome was blowing on his tiny trumpet and it sounded like a hundred horns were playing at once.

“Shh!” I hissed. The tiny winged-lion landed on my desk and began to lick its paw as the gnome climbed down from its back. The lionfly’s white wings fluttered and he wore a tiny green and brown saddle. Other than that, it looked exactly like a lion with a fluffy mane that stuck out in funny angles all over the place.

“Ahem!” As the gnome cleared his throat his red hat flopped backwards. He tapped his tiny black boot impatiently as he waited for Zam to walk over to the desk to listen. When Zam got there, the gnome continued, “On behalf of Jack-The-Giant-Killer, I hereby bequeath this most current flying carpet model, the rug-fusion, to Zam Alaka of the Lamp of Alaka and Joey Masterson of the House of Masterson. This being the promised reward for the finding of the most precious magic beans. It comes with a 200 year warranty which covers fraying, dust bunny invasion, and spontaneous combustion.”

“Only a 200-year-warranty?” Zam asked, “my Dad says a 200 year warranty isn’t worth a fairy’s fingernail.” The gnome stared at Zam.

“I beg your pardon? Are you aware that the warranty wasn’t even part of the original prize? It’s an added bonus. Of course, I could tell Mr. Giant-Killer that you are unhappy with his generosity…”

“Fine! I’ll take it,” Zam huffed as he held out his hand. The gnome strode over to my homework paper where the lionfly had fallen to sleep. He lifted the saddle and tugged at a tiny piece of fabric rolled up inside. The little gnome tugged with all his might. I reached my hand down to help him.

“Refrain! This is a man’s work!” The gnome yelled. I pulled my hand away and watched the him try to get the rug-fusion out of the saddle. I thought I was going to grow old and die in my seat before I would ever be able to fly it.

The gnome finally yanked the rug-fusion free, grabbed one end and unrolled it. Its golden fabric sparkled under the light in my room. My jaw dropped as I ran my finger over the mystic purple and green design. There was only one problem: it was tiny.

“How are we going to sit on it?” I asked.

“Solve the riddle, and it will grow,” the gnome instructed. Then he climbed onto his sleeping lion. “Alright, Twitter-Growl, away!” he said, jerking the reins. The lion didn’t move. Well, he opened his mouth to snore louder. The gnome climbed down and bonked the lion on the head. Twitter-Growl snored even louder.