Writing Sample: Personal Demons, Prologue

In honor of Rachel’s novel debut, we give you the Prologue of her new book, Personal Demons.

Sarah Mathis just lost her best friend in a horrific car crash, and now the eerie man she blames for the accident haunts her dreams and menaces her in the waking world.

But what set the stage for these supernatural events? Read on.


The man crashed through the entrance of the house, smashing both door and frame into splinters. He stumbled from the porch and fell to the ground.

Inside the home, flames licked the curtains and lit up the walls in a dazzling blaze. The light from the fire silhouetted Alexander as he stood beneath the ruined frame. “Have you had enough, Samuel?”

Samuel heaved himself from the dirt and spat, his long, greasy hair matted to his face. Blood ran from both nostrils and one side of his mouth. A slash across his right cheek oozed. His black eyes glared at Alexander as he sauntered from what used to be a home.

“Call him,” Alexander said.

Samuel pulled a knife and fisted it in his grip, his knuckles cut and purpled. Hands shaking, he swiped at his enemy, but the attack was clumsy and weak. Alexander knocked the blade away with a swift frontal kick to the wrist and then rushed him, striking him down with an elbow to the face.

He wrapped his fingers into Samuel’s tangled hair, dragging him to his feet. “Call him.”

“Go to hell.”

Alexander sneered. With a quick jerk, he head-butted him in the nose. A sickening crunch, then a gargled cry sounded through the darkened night. Samuel crumpled in a heap.

Alexander retrieved Samuel’s fallen weapon and examined its blade and handle. He folded and slipped the knife into his pocket. “I have all night, scumbag,” he said, smashing his fist against Samuel’s jaw.

Samuel cried out, his face down as he heaved great breaths of air. “Just kill me, already.”

Alexander lips twitched in the corners. He tisked. “No, no, no. You misunderstand my intentions.” He wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand, then dried it on his jeans. “That’s not what this evening is about. I lured you here for a reason. I need your boss, and you—” he kicked dirt at Samuel with the tip of his boot, “—are going to get him for me.”

Samuel coughed, the sound of liquid in his lungs. “He’ll kill us both.”

“I don’t think so.” Alexander crouched. “Tell him . . . Tell him the Guardian is waiting for him.”

Samuel’s eyes grew wide as he examined his opponent in a new light. “You don’t know what you ask for.”

He grabbed the man by the neck, bringing his face an inch away. “Call him now, or—”

A terrible snarl ripped from Samuel’s throat. His body convulsed, caving in on itself. Alexander shoved the man away, but too late. Before he could escape, he was flung into the air with a powerful blast.

Alexander landed on his back with an audible huff.

“How dare you.” Samuel raised himself from the ground. Blood no longer marred his face, healed by a power beyond the true Samuel’s ability. “You summon me in such a manner, Guardian? I’ve killed for far less, and enjoyed doing so. Why should I not kill you now?”

Power rippled through the air, making it thick, affecting breath and movement. Taking his knife, Alexander snapped it open, shifting to his knees. His bones creaked against the new energy.

“Please.” Eyes lowered, he growled, jamming his blade into the earth. “I’ve—I’ve come to bargain.”

“Intriguing.” The newcomer’s voice was deep, lethal. He cocked his head to the side, his black eyes rolling over Alexander’s prone form. “I will hear you.”

“Help me,” Alexander breathed as an angry tear fell from his eyes.

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  1. Absolutely gripping!! You are immediately pulled into the fight. Interesting that i thought Samuel was the good guy. Great writing- you really feel the crunch when his nose breaks, and feel the utter desperation of Alexander’s plea. Completely leaves you hanging on every word and wanting more. Cannot wait for the Book Launch Party! I’ve already preordered a copy on my kindle and will get my hard copy signed by the talented and charismatic Rachel Collett!!

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